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Completion of my book….now what?

I have now entered a phase that I never would imagine….I submitted my finshed manuscript for copyright, care of the United States Government. Whoa! Now what?

For the writer’s out there, I know, I know….self publishing versus query letter; traditional versus non traditional, extra expresso shot versus decaffeinated?

I would like to thank my outside editor for being with me every step of the way….one cannot imagine taking this “bunch of stories”, in different fonts, styles, and formats and suddenly gazing at amazement at an actual table of contents? This is heady stuff. (I am a neophyte, so please bear with me.)

I am open to any and all suggestions as to the how and why of promoting/selling my book.

It is non fiction, so I have been told that is a plus.

My title?

“True Ghost Stories: Tales of the Natural, Supernatural, and Just Plain Weird.”

(of course!)