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Tracing your “brawling” heritage….good idea, or not?

John_L_SullivanI often make reference to my heritage in my non fiction book. I focus on my infrequent receptiveness to entities, spirits, and so on. I readily attribute this to my mother’s side, specifically, her Native American roots. I also do mention that a very distant relative of hers was from Scotland, a paid mercenary to come over and fight Indians. (The aforementioned individual actually sires a Native American/Scottish son.)

However, while researching my father’s lineage in describing my paternal grandfather, i stumbled upon a startling fact. Through out all my years, I never went into depth on my paternal grandmother’s side. I did know that my Nana was the first born of 19 children, although 6 of them had died in childbirth. Beyond that was blank to me.

Imagine my surprise when my cousin Bud, who was called upon to verify a story time line about my grandfather, mentioned some stories about my Nana’s father. The setting was in a rural Pennsylvania region, where my Pop pop actually built his home from a Sears and Roebuck catalog. It seems that Nana’s father was not only a brawler, but a leader of a local gang.

Due to the Hollywood glamorization of street gangs, this term was almost comical to me. Drug dealers, Crips, Bloods, Shootouts, all these images came to me during this announcement by Bud. However, this was not the case in “Pappy” Neuwieler. Pappy was a fighter, and would travel from his rural town of Limeport, to fight with other gangs of towns like Lanark, or Coopersburg. Bud went on to describe the mindset of the early 20th century male; my grandmother was convinced to quit school in 8th grade in order to assist in housekeeping chores.

My brother, Darin, was a fighter from an early onset. Being more athletic, he would do more than his share in fighting our local inner city kids, specifically to keep them off me, and our youngest brother Dalton. I was way laid by a severe bout of asthma as a child, and could not participate in sports, let alone fight for myself. Eventually, I overcame my disease and trained in martial arts, making up for lost time some 30 years later.

So, I have a strong willed paternal grandfather, whose spirit, i sincerely believe, came back to my family during a billiards outing. (My chapter is titled, Pop Pop and his magical pool cue.) I have some tenacious blood running from my Nana’s father, and on my mother’s side, a Scottish man of war. I can clearly see this in my brother Darin’s composition.

So, do we inherit these traits from our distant relatives, or is this a learned behavior? What does have to do with a ghost story book? Well, for one, I believe in the imprinting concept. We, the living, give off a certain energy; some objects, if kept long enough, absorb this energy. To the right receptive person, or some major event, the energy is released or displayed. This paradigm is exemplified several times in my non fiction book.

Even though my sword class is based on 500 year old Japanese scrolls, I cannot help but think of my Scottish relative every time I pick up a sword. The movie Braveheart has me running around my viewing area, hyped up on adrenaline during the battle scenes. It’s not so much the intensity portrayed, (the movie does do an awesome cinematic war), but rather it is a vehicle in which I can imagine, or envision, being there. I feel that the thin veil between the living world, and the energies emitting from the spirit world, are sometimes lifted, or overlapping. Skeptics may say I have an overactive imagination. I strongly feel that it more like the fact that I can “see” the battle, and feel it’s effects on my persona .

I feel most people are more receptive than they realize. Some may not even know what they are experiencing. Oscar winning movies dwell on our basic emotions, the idea is to “feel” the character or storyline. ┬áTracing one’s roots is novelty for some people; for others it is either a reinforcement of our dominant (both positive and negative) traits, or possibly, a search for answers concerning our genetic make up.

In closing, most of my stories concerning ghosts are based on the premise that there was “history” affiliated of where the ghostly events took place. I am now realizing that this could be applied to our own ancestral genetic make up as well. So the next time you feel adrenaline when examining historical weaponry, get excited watching a boxing match, or enjoy particapating in full contact sports, do a little research into your own family’s history. While your immediate relatives may lead you down a certain path of unspoken possibilities; check your immediate surroundings as well. It might not be your relative, but I am sure an entity, ghost, or spirit may be emitting energy to you. It could be a ghost affiliated with the place that you are in, and maybe not a distant relative. I am sure your research will answer your supernatural questions for you. Good luck!