Feeling, not hearing, the upcoming drums of war…

Lately, I’ve been having a recurring vibration pop in my head. I call it a vibe, as it is not so clear as having an exact definition. Premonition would be too strong a word, and yet, feeling would be too broad. It is not a trance, nor a day dream,  or for that matter, night dream either.

I would like to compare this to a wifi network; It seems that I can be traveling and then I get hit with this vibe. It is similar to picking up a broadcast of unknown origin; my location has no importance as to the frequency.

In my book “True Ghost Stories: Tales of the Natural, Supernatural, and Just Plain Weird”, the subject of trance, or psychic is explored. This phenomenon is usually explained as to communicating with spirits or ghosts. The narrator is not in a familiar place, and metaphysically traveling in a fringe dimension of sorts for this communication.

My vibe started out as one who is a baby boomer knows all too well; a sudden thought or reminder of something that happened many, many years ago. Why the thought popped up at that exact moment remains a mystery. In my own specific case, it was a reflection of something I had written for an assignment while in junior high school. The theme of the piece was a young man leaving his family to join an Armed Forces service. The conclusion of the story was insignificant to me at that time. What was resounding was the saying goodbye scene.

Days later, while driving, I felt a very strong sense of a circumstance in which “duty calls”. This time, there was no imagery, merely different emotions coming forth. From the immediate family’s side I felt pride, sadness, and the age old pondering of why this had to happen. From the young man’s point of view, adventure and excitement. As this feeling intensified, I did hear drums in the background.

So, how to interpret these themes? There is no real clarity or Eureka! moment. I have a small fear of upcoming war, where these unexpected and rushed emotions will be played out over and over throughout the nation. By chance, an away rugby game had our car pooled team mates and I passing the Dover Air Force Base, for the first Iraqi war, and observing a huge military cargo plane, resplendent in it’s camo patterns. I felt that same rush of emotions while observing this monstrous war time piece of equipment.

Am I alarmed, or more importantly, disturbed by these images/sounds? Not really, as I recall a strange, recurring scene that I had experienced for many years.  The image started out simple enough: Darkness, with the entire visual a very dark grey. In the background an indiscernible rumble, that eventually builds up to a roar. At the top of the grey image, a light shines through, across, revealing the mass to be a giant wall of water. The loud sound, not unlike a motorcycle pack at this point, is the water falling. The scene could be interpreted as a tsunami, tidal wave, or just a really advantageous surfer wave, but i doubt it. Nothing came about from this imagery, and I did not connect it to any recent headline or world event.

Perhaps that now i am dwelling on this, an autosuggestion jarred my memory. Regardless of the circumstance, I had a very strong recollection of the time my brother and I, aged no more than six or seven years old, attended the local library for a summer reading club. (This had to be in the late sixties!) Two college aged coeds serenaded our little group with an acoustic guitar; the song choice was, “Leaving on a jet plane”, which I am assuming was a Vietnam war protest song. Their passion was quite visible, as one was almost crying.

In regards to my soldier’s farewell theme, I could be influenced by the current state of world wide affairs; my premonition could be nothing more than an auto suggestion  of headlines, news reports, and Middle Eastern state of affairs. For everybody’s sake, I certainly hope so.


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