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Why “Self or Traditionally Publish?” is a Dumb Question

Bookshelf Battle

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Self vs. Traditional Publishing – Which route should I take?

For awhile now, I’ve read posts that begin with this very question from a number of bloggers.

Apparently, there’s a lot of folks who feel this is an either/or proposition.

Allow me to provide my take on the issue by posing these questions:

  • Should I continue working a day job or should I put all my time and money into buying and scratching lotto tickets?
  • If a nice woman comes up to me tomorrow and expresses an interest in going out on a date with me, should I take her up on the offer or should I tell her to hit the bricks because Scarlett Johannson might (I repeat “might”) knock on my door and demand my sweet, sweet lovin?
  • If I enjoy telling jokes to people, should I continue telling them or…

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Completion of my book….now what?

I have now entered a phase that I never would imagine….I submitted my finshed manuscript for copyright, care of the United States Government. Whoa! Now what?

For the writer’s out there, I know, I know….self publishing versus query letter; traditional versus non traditional, extra expresso shot versus decaffeinated?

I would like to thank my outside editor for being with me every step of the way….one cannot imagine taking this “bunch of stories”, in different fonts, styles, and formats and suddenly gazing at amazement at an actual table of contents? This is heady stuff. (I am a neophyte, so please bear with me.)

I am open to any and all suggestions as to the how and why of promoting/selling my book.

It is non fiction, so I have been told that is a plus.

My title?

“True Ghost Stories: Tales of the Natural, Supernatural, and Just Plain Weird.”

(of course!)

Face to face with your “favorite”, natural horror?

Judging from the crowd’s reaction last night, I hit yet another nerve in reading one of my chapters….”The Unwanted Visitor”. My brother barges in to his kitchen for a third time, trying to find out what was causing an unusual disturbance. As I narrated, he came face to face with a pair of red eyes.

So, what is it that makes us scream and yell in disgust? Our fears? After all, it is only nature. I am reminded of the Indiana Jones movies, where the main characters most feared animal is snakes. He usually mutters, “why did it have to be snakes?”  His look of total horror is almost comical.

Is there a favorite animal that one fears the most? What is your favorite horror in the animal kingdom? Could there be more than one?

My book dwells on the topics of rats, bats, and ghosts….all written in a non fiction, “this is what happened to me style.” I imagine the reader has an interest in exploring different scenarios, in which all these unpleasant subjects are presented.

By the way, I was an avid hunter for many years, carrying on a tradition set by my father, uncles, and grandfather.  It was only an occasional visit in the woods that would leave me with an uneasy feeling; several times in archery season I would have to traverse through the woods in the darkness. To my knowledge, I had a rather confident and mellow “feel” to the woods that I was in. Some of my chapters, however, deal with walking at night in unknown regions; that would give to anyone’s imagination that would slowly graduate into horror.

So, what’s your favorite natural horror? Maybe I can help you explore it a little more thoroughly!

Being stalked in the middle of a winter’s night, by….

How many people have experienced the solitude of a mid winter’s walk? I should say, journey? travel? Now add in a landscape that is not humanly compatible, and a sense of urgency, and voila! this is the setting for one of my latest chapters in my book.

I am not going to get into the exact details of the chapter…that is for the reader for explore in their own, once my book is available for publication. I would like to share, however, the circumstance that creates an ill at ease feeling, which, gradually, grows into a full blown terror.

Walking over a mile, at night, on a deserted path is not an ordinary event. Therefore, the ill at ease starts immediately. It is not the same as, say, walking a mile down your street, through your neighborhood. Some people desire this leisurely stroll, as a routine. Let me just say, there was nothing routine or pleasant to start my journey.

One’s senses are heightened, as they have to be. I do mention that my hunter’s reflex does kick in at one point, but more as a self preservation than a way to hunt, seek, or track a prey. My senses were aroused at one point in order to find out if i was being hunted, not the other way around.

To my urban friends, who have never experienced the great outdoors, I am sure their reaction would have been more extreme, and perhaps, more earlier that the chain of events that unfolded that dark, dreary night. To say that I escaped death may seem embellished, or emboldened at some point, but i disagree. Sub freezing temperatures are not to be brushed off lightly.

In conclusion, when one is exposed to nature, and sometimes, to nature’s harsher side, fear and fright come naturally. Hopefully, the reader can relive my perils in my book.