Recreating Death

My writer’s group had a biweekly meeting date/time, and usually a prompt. This was before most of us started writing our book, memoir, or other literary piece. So over a year ago I presented a piece that was mostly dialogue from someone who was in a car accident. The chapter showed how the narrator had to draw out the mechanism of injury for the patient. Unfortunately, it was not the traditional fender bender. I found this short story today, hidden in a file on my personal computer. A small amount of rewrites, and Poof! There was another chapter for me!

I had gotten most of the details when I realized this history didn’t fit. I kept running into roadblocks, as it were, as to what really happened. I soon realized the person was going to tell me, but it was hard. Imagine my surprise/horror, when he took a deep breath, and stated,

“I killed her”, he sobbed.

To add to the paranormal aspect of my book, can you imagine what I felt when I visited the wreckage? I actually envisioned “the mechanism of death”. It was not hard to do, given the mangled windshield. Horrific, as i realized due to the imprint of the hood, the driver was literally face to face with victim, briefly. I tried to capture this emotion in my chapter.

My visualization was short, but powerful. Afterwards, my legs were weak and i felt nauseous. My short description was what I saw in the victim’s eyes, pressing against the glass directly in front of me. Horrific!

My book is about non fiction ghost stories and related dealings with rats, bats, and in this case,
“the mechanism of death!”


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