How a taboo subject inadvertently came into one of my chapters

My latest chapter was not too hard to write; the thoughts and occurrences were still vivid. However at the end of the story, I realized that I had inadvertently reported on a taboo subject: Abuse.

The reader’s opinion of a negative entity usually is the same; “they are up to no good!”

Well of course they are. That’s why they are called negative entities! They thrive on chaos, and negative emotions. Their goal is to recreate circumstances or events that would produce more of this. It is said that by doing so, the negative entity actually starts to get stronger, feeding of the discord and emotional trauma.

Perhaps one could find another example in the term of “gaslighting”. The term means by altering someone’s daily routine through deliberate actions, it causes a mild psychological imbalance or phenomenon. Stealing house keys, and then setting them in a different location is one scenario. Wrong numbers in the middle of the night, wrong deliveries, etc., add up to consistent frustration.

In my chapter, I focus on a young woman…I try to give subtle nuances as to her emotions not to be a strong as she would like. The ghost tries to create havoc by creating stress and discord through electronic means, primarily through cell phone malfunction! Inconvenience at the least, deliberate actions trying to cause a scene, more like it.

Without giving it away, what happens to our young woman and the narrator is timeless…a haphazard action, directed to the young woman, but not intentionally. The results are predictable; the young woman takes the action personally, and then has an emotional breakdown not so much as the action itself, but what it implied. The narrator is quick to deny, and later realizes his mistake, but.. . TOO LATE! An accident occurs.

The ending of the chapter is the narrator trying to rectify his actions, and soothing the young woman’s anxiety and trauma. The abuse subject lifts it’s head when it is revealed the woman becomes completely docile and appeasing, much to the surprise of the narrator. The very ending suggests that this is a LEARNED behavior, and voila! the cat is out of the bag, so to speak,. I did not intend to bring this subject up, but rather it came out on it’s own after relaying the story.



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