So, how do you communicate with an entity? Does dreaming about them count?

There are several chapters in my upcoming book dealing with the communication aspect of ghosts.  Rarely is there an open conversation. (It’s not like the movies!) Without quoting from my book, here are a few thoughts or themes that I found recurring throughout my paranormal experiences.

The actions of these spirits are more apparent than their words or thoughts. Ever come home to find an appliance on? Smells that should not be there? Items out of place? Missing?

Some of the fear that people associate with these paranormal activities is that the observer feels it is a human. If my stereo is on, and I know I turned it off before leaving, what burglar broke into my house…(and only turned the stereo on?) The invasion of privacy or space is the initial thought process. Therefore, the next question is, “How did they get in here?”

One of my chapters dealt with the fact that there was an actual human intruder…my reaction was so different when I accosted them; I was actually hoping to catch a ghost! I was disappointed, and mad!

There is a differentiation process of sorting through the underworld…sometimes there are negative entities present. I actually experienced damage at the hands of one of these entities….let’s just say the insurance claim was investigated, with no real comment from the adjuster. But, there was damage!

Perhaps the most common communication avenue is through a dream. This is a universal subject, which many people have shared with me throughout the years. It seems that many people were “visited” through a deceased loved one, and the communication was more telepathic. “Thoughts were shared, but words were not spoken” seems to be a common refrain. Usually the dreamer feels a very strong emotion upon awakening, that is hard to get rid of.

I like to think of a scene from an old television series; some ancient civilization was shared by the humans, and the entities on the other side, observing them. A veil separated the two worlds…but occasionally , that veil is lifted!

The reaction from my writing group(s) shows that I hit a nerve, or popular topic…one member felt compelled to share with our group a dream she had over thirty five years ago. It echoed my chapter somewhat, but the joy in that was it was her own personal experience, with her own variations and positive vibes that she experienced.

The next time you have a pleasant, or even horrifying, dream of someone who is no longer with us, do not dismiss it too readily as an overactive imagination, or something you ate before bedtime!


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