Was that a ghost?

Circumstances, unusual events, and eerie coincidences, are they signs of the supernatural? Or are there reasonable explanations for these phenomenon? Sometimes the truth will scare you. I am writing a book of personal experiences, these are real and recorded events that happened to me. Although I will not share these on this and future posts, I will give the reader examples of what to look for.
Perhaps the best place to start your own inquiry is your own domicile. What is the history where you live? Has anyone died in your home? Was there any type of significant event there? Did anyone, especially your neighbors, recall any events? Word of mouth history is the best type of research that you can find.
My mother lives in a house built in the late 1800’s. Rumor has it that a little boy was killed in the driveway from being hit by a car, many years ago. Although she doesn’t hear anything as obvious as children laughing, she does feel abnormalities once in a while. By that, I mean abnormal occurrences. For example, she frequently smells aromas of delicious foods, yet she did not cook at that time. A little boy would not be cooking, but where did that smell come from? Happy hunting, dear reader, and brace yourself for more to come.


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