How to handle the dreaded ‘smirk’ from a non-writer who has just discovered you write #stillwriting #writers

sometimes, it is best to keep them guessing.


I recently experienced the dreaded smirk from someone close to me, a non-writer, in relation to my writing.

I told them that I liked to write and when asked“so are you writing a book then?” I replied “yes” and they smirked.

The dreaded smirk from a non writer can make you feel embarrassed / silly / ashamed / stupid / want to shrivel up and crawl away. It’s the ‘roll of the eyes’ combined with the ‘I can’t believe they actually write stuff’ amused expression which totally floors you.

When it happens to you the smirk reaction can knock you off your writing bicycle for days, sometimes even weeks.

Writing is such a personal thing and for some writers the dream can be crushedso easily.

Here are some ideas on how to handle the dreaded smirk from the non-writer:

1. Laugh. Yes – laugh about…

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